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What’s up Mind Cafe crew?

I hope everyone’s keeping well, despite the crazy situation we find ourselves in. I’m writing this letter with some good news for all of you writers out there seeking to have your work published with us. We have a brand new submissions opportunity for you!

At the moment, we’re working on the expansion and growth of Mind Cafe across search engines. …

It all began with a tragic diagnosis, and now, two years later, here we are.

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By this point, you’ve probably heard a lot about our new print magazine.

What began as a passion project aimed at teaching people worldwide how to live happier lives has now developed into a globally-distributed publication, packed full of beautiful images and breathtaking articles from the world’s best.

What you didn’t know, perhaps, was why I started Mind Cafe in the first place.

In 2018, my fiancé was diagnosed with brain cancer out of nowhere. After eighteen of the most difficult months of my life, she passed away peacefully in the summer of 2019.

Deep in the throes of grief and all that comes with it, I turned to self-improvement books, articles, and mentors to teach myself how to cope with the pain I was enduring. …

It’s not about who you are; it’s about what you do.

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Photo by Connor Wilkins on Unsplash

We all want to be accepted; to have friends. Like it or not, our evolutionary desire for social approval is so strong that it drives many of our actions and shapes our society. It pulls us to wear certain clothes, go to particular places and purchase various things — even if we ourselves don’t actually want to.

Though we’d prefer not to admit it, our craving for approval is such a deeply ingrained part of our nature that it underpins many aspects of our way of life. Examples include:

Don’t believe me? Well, just ask yourself the following question. Have you ever posted a picture of yourself sitting at home, watching TV and wearing comfortable clothes? Or do exciting and attractive images of you looking your best populate your social media feeds? …

Zen principles for peace of mind and fulfillment.

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Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

In this confusing and chaotic world, happiness sometimes seems like an impossible goal to reach. Yet as much as we lament about the troubles of our time, contentment is always within our grasp.

In the wise words of the Dalai Lama,

‘Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions’

If that’s the case, which actions should we take to secure a lifetime of peace and joy? Knowing where to begin on our journey to fulfillment can be difficult, but thankfully, we can learn a lot from the simple lessons that form the foundation of Japanese culture.

Instead of going out of your way to seek the extraordinary, what if you could instead live in a more carefree and peaceful way by making subtle changes to your regular everyday life? …

How quitting early and social media addiction are destroying your concentration.

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Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash

I’m an unfinisher, through and through. I’ve been an unfinisher for as long as I can remember.

I have one-hundred different books in my bedroom of which I’ve read a few chapters and never made it to the end. I have reams of started-but-never-finished articles taking up space on my laptop. I’ve started learning countless songs on the piano but gave up after the first few chords.

I’ve never really seen a problem with these tendencies. Not until this morning, when I found myself frantically darting between social media apps, YouTube videos, and articles online, soaking up a couple of minutes of content before getting bored and searching for something new. …

And our New Year 25% off sale ends soon, so hurry!

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Shot by our lovely magazine photographer, Joseph Marchant.


It’s Adrian here. How’s it going?

I have news for you, as always. The digital version of our brand new print magazine just went live! Who’s this edition for?

  1. People who want a cheaper alternative to our print magazine. The digital version is priced at $7.99. Our print magazine is £11.99. Of course, our print magazine offers a much more wholesome and tangible reading experience — but it isn’t for everyone, and we get that.
  2. People who want to access Mind Cafe Magazine on the go. In your pocket, on your desktop — you choose. …

Avoid these common mistakes to sharpen up your prose.

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Photo by Andraz Lazic on Unsplash

As a professional writer and the editor of a viral publication, I see writers making the same fatal errors day in and day out when producing their content. It’s a shame. Often, a piece will tick so many boxes and yet leave a few critical ones unchecked.

Small, easily-fixable errors turn an excellent article into an average one. A few simple mistakes can paint a writer as sloppy and incompetent in the eyes of their readers, a title that is both underserved and quick to amend.

As I go about my editing responsibilities, I frequently take notes in another tab when I spy these errors. I’ve been compiling a short list of the most common mistakes I’ve spotted in the articles I read, and it’s this list that I’d like to share with you today. …

What history’s greatest philosopher had to say about living well.

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Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash

Around 384 BC, the ‘Father of Western Philosophy’ was born in Central Macedonia. He grew up to become arguably the most influential thinker that ever lived, tutoring renowned figures like Alexander the Great and studying alongside Plato. His name was Aristotle.

Fascinated by the world and its intricacies, Aristotle asked many questions about life. How do birds fly? Do humans have a soul? And most importantly, what does it mean to be truly happy?

Perhaps one quote best summarizes Aristotle’s general approach to finding contentment, or as he calls it, Eudaimonia.

“Happiness depends upon ourselves.”

Maybe it does — but how can we find it? …

Stop looking for the secret, start focusing on improvement.

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Photo: Eddy Klaus/Unsplash

As a professional writer and business owner, I receive emails on a daily basis from people asking how to carve a career just like I did. It’s both flattering and disheartening. Flattering because people believe that I, a 21-year-old from England, have the wisdom to advise them on such topics. Disheartening because I don’t.

Let me backtrack a little here. I’m not going to sit here and say that I know absolutely nothing about writing or business, because that isn't true. If it were, I’d be a fraud, since that’s practically all I write about.

The truth I’m quickly learning, however, is that nobody has the answers we think they do. …

25% off all orders until January 6th.

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What’s up, guys?

Adrian here. It’s been a crazy year for all of us, to say the least. Between pandemics, racial injustices, and everything else 2020 has thrown at us, I’m sure we’ll all be glad to see the back-end of this year.

That said, we’re eager to help you kick 2021 off to a positive start. That’s why I’ve decided to offer a 25% discount on all orders of our print magazine! That includes ‘Edition 1: Clarity’, ‘Edition 2: Habits’, and even the first payment of our quarterly magazine subscription.

To activate your discount, use the code ‘2021’ when you checkout. Note: This discount will only be active for one week, ending on January 6th.


Adrian Drew

Owner of Mind Cafe. Get my FREE four-step guide to building a freelance career as a writer: http://bit.ly/3oiPsfr

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