Hey Suzanne, glad the article helped you. As for secrets of Medium, to be honest, there are none. I’ve written ten articles in the past month or so. The first five weren’t curated and completely flopped. The next five were all curated.

Nobody really understands what’s going on or how this machine works, and I think that’s a good thing. The algorithm here isn’t hackable, and we’re dealing with real life curators as opposed to automated robots. Thus, all you can really do is write well, focusing on writing content that people actually want to read and receive value from.

We’re all here because we have something to say. Every time you write, you uncover your voice a little more. Your voice is your key to success. Don’t compromise it, keep improving, and most importantly, carry on writing.



Owner of Mind Cafe | Let’s chat on Instagram: @adriandrew__

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