How Attaching Emotion to Your Goals Will Ensure You Achieve Them

It’s about emotion, not practicality.

Adrian Drew
6 min readMay 13


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We all have goals and aspirations.

Some are small, micro-goals like getting up twenty minutes earlier or walking to work more often. Some are larger, like packing on thirty pounds of muscle or starting our own business.

Whatever form our goals take, and however badly we might want them, we all seem to fall into the same perpetual trap. We give up before we make it to where we plan to be.

Even when we know that this goal or that goal will improve our lives exponentially, making us happier and more successful individuals, we fall from the wagon early and revert back to square one. Alas, we never progress — but the progression is essential.

As Tony Robbins put it,

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

None of us wants to settle for an average life discoloured by our inability to commit to making our deepest wishes a reality. It follows, therefore, that we should strive to reach those precious goals of ours. Most of us just don’t know how.

Attaching Emotional Weight to Our Goals

I’m reading a fantastic book at the moment called ‘Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle’ by bodybuilder Tom Venuto. In it, he discloses key pieces of information about losing fat, gaining muscle and achieving our fitness goals.

In the book, Venuto splits the essentials of bodybuilding into four key pillars: nutrition, strength training, cardio, and most importantly, mental training. The chapter on mental training is all about goal-setting and working to achieve those goals rather than giving up early like most of us do.

Venuto places great emphasis on the importance of goal-setting. As he writes,

Goals, when properly planted in your subconscious mind, provide direction and stimulate action. Goals create energy and motivation. Goals get you out of bed early in the morning and into the gym.

In essence, goals are essential when it comes to improving our happiness, success…



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