No, Freelance Writing Isn’t Saturated

The people that tell you there’s no money in writing are lying.

Adrian Drew


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At eighteen, I decided university was the right path for me. I applied to study psychology at four colleges in England, visited them for open days, and enrolled on student finance.

My teachers, family, and friends supported my decision, and my parents were proud that their son was going to become successful by way of further education.

Everything was in place.

Offers began pouring in from the universities I’d applied for. Thousands of pounds of student debt were waiting for my beloved ownership. All that was left for me to do was sit down in a roundup meeting with my sixth-form tutor and my mother to sign off my time at school and make my final decision.

It was there, in that meeting, that I made my final decision. ‘Sir,’ I said to my teacher. ‘I’ve been thinking.’

‘I don’t want to go to university at all. I’ve declined all of my offers and I’m going to become a freelancer writer instead.’

He reeled in shock. Then he proceeded to spend the next thirty minutes attempting to convince me that I’d regret this decision.

‘Why don’t you go to a local institution instead — Birmingham, perhaps? Or how about you try the Open University? Or a college course?’ he said.

I’m not sure, I replied. I’d prefer to continue writing.

‘Adrian, the thing is, there’s just no money in freelance writing these days. Choose a stable career instead.’

The Starving Artist

We’ve all heard the tale of the starving artist.

You know, the lonesome creative that spends decades painting in poverty, married to a craft that pays nothing in return. I think that’s what my teacher probably saw my future as.

A lifetime as a starving artist. Broke, but with enough ambition to fuel the pursuit of my pipe dream.

And, in his defence, that’s how my first year of freelancing turned out to be. I was making some money, sure. A few hundred pounds a month…



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